Saturday, 3 August 2013

YANOD - Important Announcement

You Are Not Our Demographic has parted company with Koast Radio, effective immediately.

The 18 weeks of our show have been a blast, and we've enjoyed being able to bring you all manner of stuff and nonsense on Tuesday nights. I'm especially proud that we got we got the opportunity to play you Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet, Side 2 of Two Virgins, every available 1969 version of Nina Simone doing Young Gifted and Black, Les Rallizes Denudes and more. I'm sure gary has his own highlights too.

Unfortunately, the station and us didn't see eye to eye about elements that actually had nothing to do with the content of the show - they didn't interfere with that at any point, aside from the adverts. Ultimately we had very different ideas about how we should be spending our weekends, and whose decision that is. None of which had been part of the agreement at the start.

Maybe YANOD will find a new home, or maybe this is what it is, and the complete run of YANOD is 18 shows. Time will tell. If it comes back, we'll find you and let you know.

For now, nearly all of the shows are here to listen to on this blog, and our Facebook page will remain active.

Thank you for all the listener comments on our various events page - our favourite shows were the ones with the most Facebook banter, it simply wouldn't have been the same without you.

Uh oh... you know what the music means...

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