Tuesday, 11 June 2013

YANOD#11 - 11th June 2013


Archibald & Tim - Big Elettronic Sound (YANOD Intro Theme)
Spın̈al Tap - Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight
The Raincoats - Fairytale In The Supermarket
Essential Logic - Aerosol Burns

Glenn Branca - Lesson No.1 For Electric Guitar
Serge Gainsbourg - Melody

Belle and Sebastian - Don't Leave The Light On Baby
Akira the Don - Clones
Antenna - All I Need
Pastor John Rydgren - The Noise
The Anglin Brothers - Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies
New Gospel Keys - In That Great Gettin' Up Morning
Alkibar Gignor - Farka
Amanar - Igla


Honey Jug - For Your Love
The Bees - Voices Green and Purple
Ripleys Believe It Or Not! - Remarkable Woman
Amanda Applewood - Far From Here

Dengue Fever - Sober Driver
Zookeeper - Two-Part Invention

The Long Ryders - And She Rides
Teenage Fanclub - God Knows It's True
Henry Thomas - Bulldoze Blues
Sylvester Weaver - Guitar Rag
The High and Mighty - Help Me Escape From Cuba
Harmony Grass - Move In A Little Closer Baby
Diff'rent Strokes Theme ("It Takes Diff'rent Strokes")
The Littlest Hobo Theme ("Maybe Tomorrow")
Bewitched Theme

The Monkees Theme ("Hey Hey We're The Monkees")
The Brady Bunch Theme
The Partridge Family Theme ("Come On Get Happy")
Mork and Mindy Theme

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Theme ("Love Is All Around")
John Cale - Gun
Big Smith and Family - I See the Moon (YANOD End Credits Theme)

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